Upcoming MLB Season

Courtesy of Reddit.com

Courtesy of Reddit.com

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is right around the corner! It’s every baseball fans favorite time of year. The season will kick off on April 5th with the St.. Louis Cardinals visiting the Chicago Cubs at historic Wrigley Field.

There has been a lot of off-season trading and signing among teams including big name players. The trades mean big money for the star athletes. Some of these big name players that have headlined the off-season trading are: Max Scherzer (Pitcher) who signed with the Washington Nationals, Jon Lester (Pitcher) who signed with the Chicago Cubs, Pablo Sandoval (3rd Basemen) who signed with the Boston Red Sox, and Nelson Cruz (Outfielder) who signed with the Seattle Mariners.

Spring training has been going since early March. It gives the players a chance to prepare for the season, and players who are working for a starting spot on a club to earn the attention of their coaches. Making an appearance on March 12th, in spring training, Will Ferrell played for ten, that’s right ten different teams, playing nine different positions, all in one day. He did this to pay tribute to Bert Campaneris who accomplished this feat 50 years ago. It brought a great crowd to the spring training games.

As the season is about to start, the 30 teams focus their eyes on the prize. That prize is winning a World Series. The team work and grind that they have to endure to win a World Series is immense. One of the main favorite teams to win the World Series this year is the San Diego Padres. They have been the front runner in signing quality players and have built a good looking team. This is very exciting for Padres fans because they have not been very good in recent years.

Stay tuned to the beginning of the season because it should be exciting as always.

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