On April 17, 2015, a new movie is coming out in theaters. This movie takes the meaning of being  Unfriended to a new extreme. Unfriended is a horror flick about a girl named Laura whose supposedly “best friends” decided to post videos of her online while she was under the influence. After the videos were posted, a few days later, she commits suicide. The movie shows the aftermath of her suicide.

The group of teenagers are speaking on Skype when suddenly their group call is interrupted by an unknown caller who claims to be a dead classmate that killed herself was cyber bullied. The intruder tortures and kills each person involved, one by one, while the others can do nothing but helplessly watch.

This is a new horror movie concept that will make teenagers everywhere think twice before they post anything online, because who knows what may come of it? Unfriended wants to do for social media what The Ring did for VHS tapes — take a piece of everyday technology and turn it into an object of uncommon terror.”

So far this movie has already made an impact on the students at East Forsyth. Alex Mock (’17) says that she doesn’t know if she will see the movie or not, it depends if she is allowed to throw away the family’s blender first. (a part shown in the movie has one of the teenagers putting their hand into a blender unwillingly). Mock believes the movie is a good way to get the message across that cyber bullying is wrong.

Hopefully, this movie will do just that, show people the consequences of what they decide to put online and how it affects everyone. Even though the baseline of this movie is horror, the object is to show people how their actions have consequences.

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