The Return Of Paul George

With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, the return of the Indiana superstar, Paul George, is on the horizon.  The Pacers are still looking to earn a playoff spot, and George could play a major role in that.

Paul George suffered a horrific fracture in his right leg in early August during a U.S. national team intra-squad scrimmage.  The injury received comparisons to the Kevin Ware injury a couple years prior.  Fellow national team members struggled to look at the fallen George, included John Wall and James Harden.

The timetable for Paul George’s return was originally leaning towards a year, but has since be estimated at any time now due to very successful recovery.  Paul George is back to full contact practices, but the Pacers organization doesn’t want to rush their star back into it.

The Pacers currently in the tenth spot in the Eastern Conference.  They need to finish top eight in the conference if they intend on participating in the playoffs.

The return of George may be just the trick with under a month to go in the season.  If George doesn’t make the return before the end of the regular season, it may be a long wait until the next season for the return.

Fellow East Forsyth student, Hayden Martin (’17), said, “I really look forward to the return of Paul George.  I have been a fan of his for a few years and believe that his last season of success was just a mere glimpse into his potential.”

The return of George also has a major impact on other East Forsyth students with their very own Charlotte Hornets in the midst of the playoff battle.  The Hornets are currently ninth in the east, only a half game ahead of the Pacers.

It does not matter if you’re Pacers fan or not, the return of Paul George is good for fans of NBA in general.



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