State Testing For ESL Students

ESL students


Should state tests be given in other languages for ESL students? This question has become one that many ask, but to which they don’t get an answer. Some would argue that state tests should be given in languages other than English for ESL students, because they are intended to measure knowledge of other subjects, not of English ability. However, this brings up the issue of developing a state-made test for every language necessary to the student.

What is ESL? ESL stands for: English as a Second Language.

If the United States had a national language, this question would be easy to answer, but there isn’t one. Part of the naturalization process for any foreigner entering the country, is that you must learn English and learn the Pledge.  Last year, when the first common core test was given, ninety seven percent of English learners failed the English section. Should the English section be given in the students native language? Should the math and science portions be given in their native language?

“I believe there should be a school for students who speak no English. In order to graduate the English school they must pass a comprehensive English exam,” stated Beverly Hayse, an English teacher as East Forsyth High.”Students who don’t know English and are put into the school system are being set up for failure. If the material being taught is in English, and the student speaks Spanish, how do you expect them to succeed?”

English is a difficult language to learn. If the student isn’t introduced to it at an early age, it can be very challenging. People who are bilingual (specifically with English and Spanish) are given a career advantage. In the United States, English and Spanish are the two most popular languages, being able to speak both of them gives you a higher range of communication.

“As the immigration rate gets higher and higher, it would be smart of the government to establish an official national language. Therefore, forcing anyone who speaks otherwise, to learn it. Or just tighten up the boarder control, but neither political party wants to do that…it might step on some toes,” stated Mike Munday, a junior at Glenn High School.

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