Movie Review: The Duff!

Duff premiered on February 20, 2015, it is playing in select theaters and is rated PG-13. It is taking the world by storm. Starring Mae Whitman, portrayed as Bianca, the socially awkward teen finds out that she is known as the Duff of her two best friends Casey and Jess, played by Bianca Santos and Skyler Samules.

Duff stands for the designated ugly fat friend, you don’t necessarily have to be ugly or fat to be the Duff. You may be less attractive or more awkward than the rest of your friends.

The movie is a romantic comedy, many students love the movie for it’s comedy, intriguing characters and its story line. “I really enjoyed the story line and I found the main guy (Wesley) very attractive. I also love the main actress Mae Whitman, she was in one of my favorite movies so I enjoyed her acting,” Marlee Larry (’17) told us.

The movie is being portrayed as this generations Mean Girls due to antagonist Madison played by Bella Thorn. Madison bullies Bianca throughout the movie but when Bianca fights back, it’s a whole other story.

The main purpose of the movie itself is to show viewers that its okay to be yourself know matter what society says. “I liked the movie for its story line and on how much it made me laugh,” said Sara Hintz (’17).

Many have expressed that the main male star Wesley, played by Robie Ammel, is their main reasons for seeing the movie. “I liked the movie for it’s story line and that the main guy was hot,” said Grace Bryant (’17).

The main reason viewers should see this film is because it can change your view on high school life and your peers around you. Stressing  the importance of individuality and freedom to express yourself is the main key to survive in high school. This movie is a perfect example of that.

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