Frozen Fever

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After having great success, the movie Frozen has come back for a short sequel.  Frozen Fever is a short clip that premiered on March 13th. The Disney Short was shown only in theaters before the Cinderella movie.

Frozen is one of the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time. Critics say that the reason why the film was such a success, was because it appealed to all ages. With Frozen setting the expectations high for a sequel, viewers were very excited to see the Disney Short.

Frozen Fever stars the same characters as in the Frozen movie, with voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. In the short clip, it is Princess Anna’s birthday and Queen Elsa wants to make it special. Elsa, Kristoff, and other friends work together to plan a surprise birthday party for Anna, but when Elsa gets sick, their plans start to go wrong.

One of the main reasons why Frozen became so popular was because of the music in the movie. Knowing this, the producers of the film made sure to include a catchy song that the audience would enjoy, and it’s called “Making Today a Perfect Day.”

According to, other exciting news has just recently been released that Disney Animation Studios is making a Frozen 2. Neither a release date or any other plans for the movie have been announced yet.

Sydney Moore (’17) is a fan of the new Disney Short, Frozen Fever, and she said, “It was really cute because it explained how much Anna missed Elsa throughout her past birthdays in the first movie. Frozen 2 better be cute because the first Frozen was so good.”

Frozen fans continue to anxiously wait for news about the next movie, but for now they can enjoy the success of Frozen Fever.



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