Easter Shenanigans


Courtesy of timeanddate.com

Easter is one of many holidays families and friends come together to celebrate. It typically falls around the end of March or the beginning of April, but one thing that does not change is the many traditions Easter brings.

Dying Easter eggs, eggs hunts, making cookies or sweet treats, buying baby chickens from the local hardware store, and Easter baskets are just some of the traditions that have been around for years. Easter also brings many bright and pastel colors out, whether it is in your clothes or the flower garden in front of your home. It is one of those nice, warm holidays that brightens moods and brings families together, but what new ideas are here?

Social media has many creative suggestions this year for spicing up your holiday affairs. Such as decorations, food, parties, outfits, and games. The hottest idea lately is drawing faces or using stickers to decorate your hard boiled, colored eggs. Some are based off of movie characters, TV shows, or even music stars. Also, what to hide in your egg hunt eggs, like money, candy, or toys. Many ideas from social media are baking ideas, like bunny dirt cake, flower pretzel bites, and carrot rice krispie treats.

Game ideas include egg tosses, Easter egg hunts, Easter related charades, a jelly bean relay, and even “Easter bunny” says. Kids will love these fun games and even adults can join in. They are even new Easter outfit ideas. Most include pastel dresses or shirts with colored jeans and some heels or strappy sandals. For guys, polo’s and colored shorts seem to be the new style.

Whether you are trying new things this Easter or sticking to the old traditions, remember what Easter is all about, spending time with your friends and family.


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