Big “A” Reveal

Ever since the death of their best friend and leader, Alison DiLaurentis, the pretty little liars: Emily, Aria, Hannah, and Spencer have been searching for their tormentor who goes by the name “A.” For five seasons now the girls have come close in many instances to finding out the identity of “A,” but every step closer they get to figuring it out, “A” is always one step ahead.

Throughout the five seasons, there have been nine deaths, one hundred and twenty three texts from “A,” and we still do not have any idea who could be behind the black hoodie. So needless to say, death is not uncommon in Rosewood and “A” has no mercy. Since we do not know who “A” is, we do not necessarily know why he or she is after the four girls and their motive behind making their lives miserable.

Ashley Hagan (’15) said, “I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I faithfully watch it every Tuesday,but i really wish they would hurry up and reveal the identity of “A” so we could move on with our lives.” There have indeed been many teasers where we think we are about to find out the identity of Big A, but it has just turned out to be a smaller revelation about something that happened previously in one of the past episodes.

Hopefully this go around, on the season five finale airing Tuesday March 24th, viewers will be one step closer to finding out the identity of Big A, and the big question everyone has been waiting for will be answered: Who is A and what is their purpose of torturing Hannah, Emily, Aria, and Spencer for all this time? Without giving too much away for those who haven’t yet seen the the show or who aren’t yet caught up on Netflix, hopefully we will find out in this episode what happened to Alison and who the person behind all the black gear really is.


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