A Bibbidy Boppidy Boo Review on Cinderella

We’re all familiar with one of the most classic princesses in fictional history: Cinderella. Yeah, she’s the girl with the awesome fairy godmother that turns a pumpkin into a carriage that whisks her away to Prince Charming’s ball in disguise as a princess. When in reality, Cinderella is a poor girl living under a roof with her evil step mom and stepsisters, cleaning this and dusting that.

Many have watched the animated Disney production, but with the company’s new release on the updated classic, I wonder if the recreation of the fairy tale will be the new belle of the ball of Disney movies or if it will fall flat as pumpkin carriage as the clock strikes midnight.

For starters, the new creation is a live action film. It is a much more mature recreation of the adored film, giving the fairy tale a more realistic feeling . Because of this, Cinderella’s new story can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages as viewers reconnect with an old favorite.

Also, many movie feature advances have occurred since Disney’s original film aired in the 1950’s.  This can be seen in the comparison of the two stories, as the live action film contains many special effects that give the movie a magical quality. While the cartoon movie is still adorable, you just can’t compare a cartoon to modern technology movies these days.

Lastly, the new adaptation of Cinderella’s enchanting story comes with a much more detailed backdrop to the early days of Cinderella’s childhood. The film divulges into the ‘before the stepmother’ era and also gives more detailed accounts, such as how Ella became Cinderella and the Prince’s first encounter with the beloved house servant.

No matter which of the Cinderella adaptations is your favorite, Disney successfully reproduced the classic fairy tale in this new creation. All in all, it was a masterful rendition and if you just happen to have an itch to go see a new film, a ticket to Cinderella’s new gig is worth every penny.

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