Overlooked Fandoms!


Book readers and non-book readers alike have rallied around fandoms from books and books that have been made into movies. More popular book fandoms include The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Harry Potter.  Less heard of book fandoms include books such as The Selection, and Delirium.

The more popular fandoms create the misconception that they are better and more interesting books, where in reality they are mainly more popular because they have been made more public through movies.

The Selection and Delirium are not books that most people have heard of but if you asked those who have read them they would usually give them great praises.

The Selection currently has three books out and a fourth will be released on May 10th. The series sounds cheesy as first sight but is really interesting and is definitely a page turner. The book follows the main character America Singer into the Selection.

The book is based in the future and in the future the United States is now a monarchy known as Illia. The Selection refers to the process the Prince of Illia goes through picking one of 35 girls to be his next wife and Princess.

America is stuck between the man she loved and left at home and the Prince who she has also began to have feelings for.

The book focuses on relationship dramas as well as political and social challenges make this book an extraordinary read.

Delirium is a trilogy based in a dystopian world where love is considered the most deadly and dangerous disease.  The book follows the life of Lena Haloway who fell in love in a society where love is outlawed. It follows her story from a time in her life where she very much believed love was a deadly disease to a time when she was very much in love.

Delirium tells a love story as well as pointing out how much conformity and propaganda can affect society.

These are both amazing book series that many would consider as good as or better than books like The Hunger Games or Divergent.

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