Price Ranges Signal the End of Ultimate Team?

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EA sports have been under major scrutiny over the past couple months.  In particular, their multi-billion dollar game series, FIFA, has been the talk of several highly used forums.  In case you don’t know, FIFA most played feature is Ultimate Team. This is where players can put together their own teams and put them against other players around the globe.

Better players are worth more than others obviously.  The currency used in the game is coins.  Players can earn coins by playing matches, trading in the transfer market, and packing items.  Players can buy packs with the coins they earn.  Packs are a risky way to play the game but can speed up the process of building teams. Another way to buy packs aside from coins are FIFA points, which players can purchase with real currency (dollars).

This has become an issue because there are illegal coin sellers on the internet selling the same amount of FIFA currency for half the price.  Therefore, it was obvious to users which way to go.  FIFA felt that this needed to stop.  They have recently installed price ranges on all players.  This means that each player has a max value that it can sell.

This makes it impossible to buy coins by putting up a cheap player for astronomical amounts of coins.  FIFA players are in outrage.  They feel this new idea from EA ruins the user aspect of the game.  The players were able to control the transfer market by selling the players for prices they felt suitable.  Now, EA tells players what the correct price is instead.  Some players players cost too much now while others cost too little.  Many people believe that this is a plan for the future.  While others believe that there will nobody to play the game in the future if this continues.

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