Figures Who Helped Shaped Black History




Ever since we can remember, February was always black history month. It’s a common fact that almost everyone knows. But do people really give it all the attention that it needs? As students are getting older, it seems as though less and less attention is being paid to this month that celebrates the prominent figures that have helped shape history. These figures were chosen from the top most prominent figures on the website. These figures are the people who helped shape African-American history.

            The man who is to thank for the creation of Black History Month is Carter G.Woodsen. He is an author, editor, and a historian that helped create this month to remember the importance of Black heritage. Deemed the father of black history, he believed that African-Americans needed to know their history and respect their roots. (

One of the important historical figures is Phillip Randolph (1889-1979) this man was one of the most important civil right leaders and said that the problem laid with the common man, not the colored man. (

Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) was an African-American woman who was a civil rights activist that helped the idea of the 1964 Freedom Summer African-American voter drive in Mississippi come true. She was a strong woman that used her own personal experiences with racism to help others.(

    These are just three of the many African- American figures that have helped shape history. These people are strong people who went against the odds and helped to make a difference that just didn’t affect them, but were a precedent to today’s society.

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