So You Think You Can Lax?


This season is heating up with spring sports starting at East Forsyth High School. One of these sports is men’s and women’s lacrosse. Lacrosse has received much recognition and popularity, and many students are eager to become part of these teams.

Freshman, Cameron Lischke (’18) has played lacrosse for seven years now. What he enjoys most about this sport is the constant physical contact and aggression on the field, though his preferred position is goalie.

Katy Bryson (’18), a former soccer player, decided to try lacrosse this past summer and she found herself to like the new sport even more. She felt as though she could use more skills while playing lacrosse versus when she played soccer. Bryson’s preferred position is mid-fielder and her primary goal is to make the varsity lacrosse team.

We’ve all heard the name Mr. Allison, but did you know that he’s also Coach Allison? Both a Social Studies teacher and a men’s lacrosse coach, Mr. Allison stays pretty busy during the spring season. Allison has been coaching for the past ten years, originally coaching soccer until he simply got bored with it and instead became interested in the physicality of lacrosse.

When asked what his thoughts were on teaching versus coaching, Allison replied, “Totally different. In the classroom we are faced with problems that can only be fixed with help from their home. On the field I have the ability to alter behavior.”  He also noted his high expectations for his players that they uphold their roles as student-athletes and that they work hard while representing their school/program.

It’s no surprise that Coach Allison makes his players work hard, but he hopes to make them enjoy what they’re doing at the same time. “We have awesome coaches, and for anyone else who’s interested, we need good size guys who are also aggressive and good runners,” said Lischke. Bryson also asks that any females with goalie experience to come out for the women’s lacrosse team!

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