Texting 9-1-1?

IMG_8777 (2)Technology has advanced so much these days, to the point that we can now text 9-1-1 in an emergency. What are your thoughts about this? Is it more efficient? It can be helpful to both our emergency workers and citizens. Let’s find out why it can come in handy.

Austin Adams (’17) stated, “I personally think it is a good idea because you can’t talk to the police in certain situations. I think it is very efficient and helpful.” For example, if you are in the middle of a home invasion and need to reach help, but can’t be found by the invader in order to protect yourself, wouldn’t calling be a risk? The invader could easily hear you talking on the phone and either find you and be harmful or run away from the scene uncaught.

After all, text messages can be received faster than calling. So, this is potentially more efficient and helpful as Adams said, but there is a downfall to texting 9-1-1. According to David MacAnally, WTHR reporter, the system of texting is “vague” in directions. It can send police the wrong address, for example there could be a street name that is in four different cities, how would the cops know which one it is?

Logan Garner (’15) agrees with the negative sides of texting 9-1-1. He stated, “No I don’t believe it is helpful. What if the person is blind and can’t see but can feel the buttons to call instead? The person in distress needs to talk to someone rather than texting. Calling gives an effect that texting doesn’t.”

Garner has a good point. I think when he said calling gives a different effect than texting, he meant that you can tell the person is desperately in need of help by the tone of their voice. Now, in our technologically advanced ways, it is very easy for someone to pull a prank.

The reality of it all, is that texting opens a new world for reaching help. In some cases it is more efficient than others, but more people are able to reach safety now due to texting 9-1-1.

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