Prom Planning Early At East!


Courtesy of Emily White

Prom is going to be here before you know it! Some girls are already planning and looking for that right dress to impress and have a star-dazzle night. There is a new location this year, Bigger and Better! Everyone that is going this year, try something new by getting a limo with your friends, and save some parking spots. There will be FREE parking at designated areas.

The theme is Great Gatsby (black, silver, gold). Tickets will be going on sale the week of prom. $35 this year! It went up $5 due to a little gift  everyone will be getting. May 2nd is the big day. There will be a Photo Booth, 1$ per person and picture. Instead of there being a snack bar, we are changing it to a Dessert Bar, so don’t get any dessert at dinner save it for a treat at prom. Girls so you wont loose any shoes there will be a shoe check! Also guys if you don’t want to mess your tux up or get it dirty there will be a coat check.

Attention girls NO 2 pieces this year. It may be the 2015 new style but the rules are rules! Be classy not Trashy. Make sure if your dress is see-through you have to have a nude background to go behind it. Also if you cant bend down without your butt showing it might not be the best thing to wear! People will have a say in the music this year. If you have any questions about it go to room 1106 and ask Mrs.Ferris.

If you are a smoker, your going to have to put your cigarettes to the side from 7-11pm! NO TOBACCO products allowed, nor vapes. If you want to take a friend from a different school guest forms  will be provided when you purchase your ticket. Do not forget to get your picture taken with your boyfriend or girlfriend by the photographer!

Hope Hart (’15) is planning prom early so she doesn’t have to panic and stress about not finding the right dress in little time. She will be going with her friend Austin Westmoreland. They will be attending prom with a group of friends that she is going to beach week with. Hope stated “Its very exciting looking for dresses, i cant wait to show it off”.

Kendra Perley (’15) is looking very early this year so she can make sure every thing is perfect and ready to go by the time prom gets here. “I did everything late last year and it was really nerve wrecking; I regret it so much,”  Kendra said. The group she is going with has 20 people in it! Its her senior year and she said she wanted to spend it with all her friends before she leaves to go to college.

Make sure to get your tickets soon and come join us for a speculator night back in the roaring twenties!

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