Meet The Editor: Kevin Haas!


Kevin Haas is a senior at East Forsyth High School, and a upcoming freshmen for East Carolina University. He plans to attend ECU and room with his best-friend Jesse Hayes. Kevin wants to study athletic training. “I really want to go into the medical field, ECU is a great medical school”. I believe that the ECU Pirates is going to gain a extraordinary one.

The East Forsyth Football team was apart of his life for all four years of high school. Kevin represented jersey number 61 on defensive line and offensive line. He loves the game and was supported by all his friends and family on the side line. There was never a dull moment on the field.

No matter want happened during the game Kevin always had a smile on his face and was positive about it all, and cheering up his team mates and getting them back into the game. The Kansas City Chiefs is one of his favorite football teams. GO K.C. WOLVES!

A Day to Remember is a rock band that Kevin listens to and jams out to every day on his to way to and from school. He’s a big fan. The honey badger is his favorite animal! “When I grow up I want to have three as my own pet.” I hope they are easy to take care of. His all time favorite food is Kansas City style BBQ.

Kevin is the photography editor and a sports writer. If there is anything wrong with a photo or needs to be special edited he is the guy to go to! In newspaper he makes the class end with a good laugh and a smile on their faces. He has a big heart and is full of jokes to tell!

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