Hanes And Lowrance Middle On Top Of Hazardous Waste

Courtesy of Winston-Salem Journal

Courtesy of Winston-Salem Journal


In downtown Winston Salem two schools sit on top of a hazardous waste site.  Concerns are arising due to the fact that that new proposed spot for Lowrance Middle School lies on place where the contamination is the worse.

Hanes and Lawrence Middle School are two very important schools within Forsyth County.   Lowrance Middle is a school for students with special needs and Hanes is a highly academically gifted magnet school.   Both schools reside in downtown Winston.

According to The Winston-Salem Journal a large amount of hazardous waste lies 30 to 90 feet under the schools and stretches for a third of a mile.  Every year the level of waste has been taken and monitored to make sure things weren’t getting out of hand.  Every year the amount of toxic waste has grown and now the levels are very high.  The scare is that the waste can vaporize and rise out of the ground and affect the air quality.  This could prove disastrous because chemicals identified in the waste have been proven to cause cancer.

Another problem lies in the rebuilding of Lowrance Middle.  The school right now is very old and outdated, and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools plans to put $15,000,000 into a new building.  The proposed spot for the school sits where the contamination is by far the worst though, so the school system has to decide if they would like to build there or not.

Chris Kasai (’17) is not concerned with the problems and thinks Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools should build on the proposed site. Kasai attended Hanes Middle for three years and is not at all worried about the health risks.  He says he was aware of the fact that the waste existed while he attended Hanes and believes that no later health issues will arrive due to the exposure of hazardous waste.

The board members of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools have a very important decision coming up concerning building of Lowrance.  I’m sure that whatever conclusion is reached will be for the best and not at all jeopardizing  towards the students.

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