College Dreams

Courtesy of Maggie Miller

Courtesy of Maggie Miller

The definition of college is an institution of higher learning. Many students have been dreaming of finding a college they love, getting accepted, and then getting to become a part of all the fun that comes with college. At this point, some of the seniors at East Forsyth have reached the time where all they have to do now is finalize their tuition fees and find a roommate!
Allison Hartsoe (’15) and Jenna Jones (’15) are both at the point in their lives where everything for college is starting to come together. Hartsoe (’15) is attending Western Carolina University in the fall and is planning to major in nursing while specializing in pediatrics. Hartsoe (’15) and her roommate have already made a great connection and are very excited for their first year in college. When asked about her roommate, Hartsoe (’15) said, “She’s just like me.”
Hartsoe (’15) and her roommate are most excited to meet new people and being in a new place. Hartsoe (’15) is ready to become a part of her school and join a sorority. “I’m excited to get out of Kernersville. Everyone up at Western is great about answering questions because they don’t judge you,” Hartsoe (’15) said. She is going to miss her mom the most because her mom still does everything for her at home.
Jones (’15) is going to attend the University of South Carolina with her roommate who is from Northwest Guildford. Jones (’15) plans to major in financial business; her roommate plans to major in exercise science. Jones (’15) and her roommate are most excited to participate in rush week and to become a part of a sorority.
Jones (’15) has been to tour the university and is ready to participate in tailgating and going to the football games. Jones (’15) and her roommate plan to live in a suite-style dorm, but they are still filling out their housing application. When asked who she will miss the most Jones (’15) said, “My cat. I won’t have her to sleep with me every night.”
With the school year coming to an end, all of our seniors are starting to have everything fall into place for their future. They are beginning to experience a new chapter in their lives, and starting to live out their dreams.

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