Auction Love Is In The Air

Soldiers For Love! It is that time again fellow East Forsyth students, auction love is in the air. This year’s Date Auction will be held in May and the theme is “Soldiers for Love”.  Date Auction is a fundraiser for the senior gift of 2015.

Camille Stockton (’15) said, “I’m really excited for Date Auction this year because of the great group of guys that were chosen.” This year the event features original, individual skits by each of the male candidates. Each of them puts together an appealing performance to better their chances at getting bid on.

Anyone is allowed to attend the Date Auction, especially to get a laugh out of, but the only ones allowed to bid on guys are senior girls. Simple rules, if you are interested in a guy and want a date, the highest bid wins him.

Holly Shields (’15) said, “This year I am in charge of Show Committee and Guy Committee. I am so excited to work with all the awesome guys!” Seems like they have great ideas this year to spice things up.

They have an opening number where all the guys join on stage for an introduction and they have a surprise for the audience, but you will have to attend to find out!

The Date Auction has a military theme and the boys will deliver that atmosphere. They will have costumes and activities portraying a military feel.

Bidding in the Date Auction is not only a positive for the senior gift fund, but a great way to finally talk to that special guy.

So come out to the Date Auction in May to show support for our school and our senior of 2015!

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