Stress Week or Exam Week?


Exam week is something everyone dreads. Endless nights of staying up and studying, loads of work from teachers, and struggling to get every single point you can.

Many students struggle to maintain good grades. Some feel that one test should not determine how you did over the whole course. 20% of your final grade is a lot. “Exam week has to be one of the hardest weeks of the year when it comes to the amount of sleep the students get, but the good thing is that you don’t have to come certain days and sometimes get to leave early,” Casey Fulk (’17) stated. Several students have jobs they attend after school.

“Exam week is my favorite because it marks a point of success because I’ve finished a class and am one step closer to graduation,” stated Kaitlyn Smith (’16.) Some students feel it doesn’t make sense to have one week of exams. Sure, you get it done faster, but it’s not specific to one class. “It’s exhausting and boring,” Chase Cockerham (’15.) Many students as well as teachers don’t find it fair to get tested on something you don’t exactly get a “study guide” for. Teachers feel obligated to cover a more vast range of subjects just to be “safe” just in case it’s on the exam. Teachers prepare their students for weeks just to take this one test.

Not only does this one test count as 20% of the student’s final grade, it also measures the teacher’s performance. Personally, I find it extremely unfair for teachers to prepare us for a test, in which they don’t even know the material on. Usually exams range from 35-100 questions, depending upon the course. “Exam week is hideous” stated Dalton Culler, a senior at Glenn High School. This year we started exams three days after Christmas break. The school system may have thought that was a good idea because they had hopes that students would study over break.

The question remains, how can students study for a test they don’t have a study guide for? Granted, students could review the lessons and units the teacher covered over the time of the course. However, this still seems like a gamble. The teachers are teachings us material they think will be on the exam. They don’t know.

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