Panthers Ousted By Seahawks

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The Carolina Panthers fell short of advancing to the conference this past Saturday in Seattle.  They played tough but the unearthly sound of Seattle’s “12th man” along with their elite defense ended up being too much for Cam Newton and the Panthers.  It was a rough loss for the Panthers to take but there are some positives as a result.  Two months ago, the Panthers were 3-8-1 with little hope of making the playoffs.

The Panthers knew they would need to win the rest of their games and get some help from other teams.  Sure enough, it happened as the Panthers caught fire at the end of the season.  The offense was firing on all cylinders and the defense was back to the stout force they were last season.  Not only did the Panthers sneak into the playoffs, they hosted a wild card game versus the Arizona Cardinals.  They won this game handily.  Even though the season ended earlier than many would have hoped, the future is bright for Carolina.

Kelvin Benjamin, a rookie receiver, had a very strong season.  Scoring nine touchdowns, including two in the game against the Seahawks, you would think Benjamin would be happy with his output.  However, he considered it a “poor season” and expects much more from himself in the future.

This upcoming draft could be big for Carolina.  Positions that they need to fill are the left tackle and another good receiver for Newton to work alongside.  All considered, Panthers fans were proud of the team this year but will keep expecting more in the future.

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