Let’s Dance!!

Courtesy of Glogster

Courtesy of Glogster

Have you ever wanted to be able to hang out with friends and just have fun? What if you could do that, and be a part of the school? The Hip Hop team at East Forsyth offers many great opportunities that other clubs are unable to. The Hip Hop team welcomes everyone and helps people further their love for dance .

When asked, many people don’t even know that this wonderful op putting is available for everyone. This team is open to anyone who has a passion of dance to join. When asked why should someone join the Hip Hop team, Kirk (’14) replied, ” I love to dance because it’s fun good exercise and it’s social, someone told me about it and it sounded really fun the hip hop performance last year was really cool and inspired me to do it.”

The Hip Hop team has inspired many East Students. One of the members of the Hip Hop team, Kirk, used the inspiration from the Hip Hop team to created a new club of his own. This is the first year that the club, Operation Swing , has been available at East. The club is a swing dancing club open to everyone. Even if someone has never danced before, they are allowed to join!  Kirk(’14) said that, “It offers people exercise fun social and new dance moves to take and practice anywhere !”

Between the Hip hop team and Operation Swing, East Forsyth students have many opportunities to dance it out! Operation Swing hopes to see you at the next meeting!

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